Valentine’s Day Commercialism

OK, so I’m a single cynic when it comes to Valentine’s Day.roses

But is it just me, or has this too been ram-raided into being over-commercialised. No longer are the mince pies cleared off the supermarket shelves on December 26th, than Valentines day cards and chocolates appear.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am an incurable romantic who wants Prince Charming to ride up on his silver white charger and sweep me off my feet, but why do we feel compelled to over-spend on Valentine’s Day?

Surely, if you love someone with all your heart you show them every day how much you love them, in the small things you do – like leaving the bathroom seat down, or even just listening – you don’t need to build it up and just be romantic on one day of the year?

Of course, it is a day for lovers, but you don’t need to go overboard, or is it, like everything else built up so that if we don’t get the flowers and the card and the chocolates and the jewellery we feel hard done by?

You’ve got someone who loves you, that should be enough!

If I’ve been in a relationship on Valentine’s Day, I have always said, nice though it may be but, not to buy flowers because they are half the price the following day!

I would rather have someone show he care every day, than just one big show once a year!

For the record though, last year this single gal got a dozen red roses (they just happened to be from a 4yo)


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