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Out of the Mouthes of Babes – Life

“Mummy”, SC said to me in the car this afternoon, whilst we were waiting to go into an after-school activity, “These last 5 years, it’s been a hard life!”

If I’d have been drinking a cup of tea, I think I would have splurted it all out!

“Why’s that darling?” I asked – after all, he’s fed, clothed and loved, it’s not the kind of hard life I was thinking of.

“It’s been so exhausting,” he replied, “I’m so tired!”

Him and me both! After all, he didn’t sleep through the night until he was nearly 4 – exhaustion doesn’t even come close. So any mum with a new-born complaining at 4 weeks that it doesn’t sleep through the night gets no sympathy from this direction I can tell you. Sympathy kicks in at 18 months, empathy at 3!

“Well, maybe you should just try to have a lie in at the weekends,” I said, “instead of getting up at 5am!”

“Oh no mummy, I couldn’t possibly do that!”

Of course not, silly me for suggesting it 😉


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