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You know the feeling….

…when you get a song in your head, and it just won’t go.


I was sent a song and I just can’t seem to stop hearing the tune in my head 😉


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Bucket List #25 – Eyebrow Threading

Big fat – DONE IT!Eyebrow Threading

I had my eyebrows threaded yesterday.

I was a bit wary after having heard reports from it hurting only slightly less than childbirth to feeling like your eyes were being cut with glass!

I used to have my eyebrows waxed in the very dim and distant past, and I always used to find it disconcerting. It is the only part of you, where you cannot see what is going on with the waxing and you feel like the beautician is going to scalp the eyebrow when it feels like she is tweezing everything to Kingdom Come!

So, I lay down on the couch, breathed deeply and waited…

Whoever said it hurt – LIED!

It was no more painful than waxing, and was over within 5 minutes.

Seriously what is all the fuss about?

I’ll probably go back to waxing, it really did not make much difference – considering the girl who did it still used tweezers to get the stubborn bits out!

Still, at least I can now say I’ve had it done.

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Men are like French Doors…

…they just lead you up the garden path!

Ain’t that the darn truth!!!

I love that line from the musical The Boy Friend, has me in stitches every time. I was just reminded of it today, as I listened to the CD of the show.

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Physical Manifestations of Stress…

… I knew, obviously that when people get stressed they get a bit down, tetchy and not their normal selves.

What I did not know until fairly recently, was that stress can manifest itself physically.

When my skin is bad, I have been told by doctors for years that it’s just that – bad skin.

It was only when my periods stopped last summer did I relate my skin problems to stress.

I had been under an enormous amount of stress last summer – basically I just let everything get on top of me, so to speak.

And I missed 2 periods.

Clearly, it was not a pregnancy – unless, as I told the lady in the health shop , it was the second coming of Christ!

My mother (bless her) always the merchant of doom said in a cheery voice, “Oh, it’s probably the start of the menopause, I started mine around your age!”

Bearing in mind, I had no other ‘menopausal symptoms’ I quickly ruled that one out (also my O&G doctor had said the same earlier in the year, when I had missed another period, just before my annual MOT).

So, I did what everyone else does and googled.

It would appear that abnormal amounts of stress can produce physical symptoms and in women this explain the absence of periods, and for both sexes it would appear skin can ‘break out’ in hives!

For the regulation of the menstrual cycle a lot of sites suggested taking Chaste extract – YUK! It’s vile, smells vile, tastes vile. Not sure if that’s what kick-started the periods, but only took it for 10 days, so am thinking probably not.

After the period of severe stress abated, the periods returned, albeit very weirdly. But bearing in mind it had been almost 3 months since I had had one, I thought nothing of it. (The MoD (Merchant of Doom) obviously thought otherwise, but thankfully I ignored it). They seem to be back to normal (cross fingers).

With the levels of stress returning to their normal state of affairs in my life, I could turn my attention to my skin. I know when I’m stressed, because my skin itches.

The lovely lady in the health shop (and yes, I do have a discount card) suggested that for stress I should take a vitamin b complex, which is very good for it. Obviously, she clarified that the vitamin would only help with the symptoms, not the actually cause of the stress, that I have to deal with on my own (if only I had a genie with a magic lamp or bottle).

I have been taking these tablets for nearly a month – the skin is definitely less itchy, which is a good sign and the tablets are suitable for vegans, I have checked the ingredients and there are no obvious nasties.

There is only one slight, rather amusing, side effect – they turn your urine bright yellow!

That’s right, bright yellow, literally the colour of saffron/turmeric (and no those aren’t listed in the ingredients).

I certainly did not realise stress can cause physical symptoms – I do now.

Think I need a month on a yoga/meditation retreat … if only 😉

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Do people date anymore?

Just a thought I had the other day.

Not that I’ve been on ‘a date’ for a while, but do people actually go on ‘dates’ as such, or is it just a case of going to the pub?

Now, I know I’m old-fashioned, and a truly soppy sentimental romantic, but where’s the romance?

Walks in the moonlight, whirling around the dance floor, sitting drinking coffee in places where you can actually hear yourself speak…

Isn’t the whole point of a ‘date’ a chance for you to get to really know what could be ‘the person of your dreams’?

Or has courtship truly gone flying out the window?

Walks in the moonlight? So 1950s I know, and in the middle of winter, I’d agree hardly the best look wrapped up in scarves, coats and gloves!

Whirling around the dance floor? The only place to dance is the local nightclub, and to get in there these days you have to be a maximum age of 12, it would appear, and seriously can anyone understand any lyrics of songs today, let alone dance to them?

Even in coffee lounges, once 6pm arrives, the music is cranked up so it resembles a low-key nightclub!

So how do you get to know a person?

What do people these days base a relationship on?

I know Mr Wrong No. 2 based relationships on sex. If he wasn’t ‘getting any’ he assumed there was no relationship.

In my humble little opinion, if you base a relationship on sex purely, then what happens when that part is over? There seems to be nothing left, apart from wondering what on earth you were doing with the other person.

For me, I base relationships on friendship. First and foremost, you have to like each, get along and be able to talk to each other. Once you’ve got that firm base, everything else should just fall into place, shouldn’t it?

It seems to me, people these days are in too much of a hurry to get to the physical side of stuff. I’m not like that (OMG! I really should have been born 100 years ago!). I’m not the kind of girl to just jump into bed with any Tom, Dick or Harry, at the drop of a hat, it has to mean something before I do.

But I digress, this post is about dating.

So what would your ideal date be? What would you do?

Mine? Mmmm?

If someone asked me out on a ‘date’, I’d like to be able to go somewhere I could dress up a little (I’m not talking tiaras and ball gowns). Due to my job, I spend all day in jeans, T-shirt and trainers, and I like wearing nice dresses and heels.

I’d like to be picked up, maybe given flowers (optional), and go to the theatre, a jazz club, or just somewhere with low-key music, where there’s an opportunity to talk, but also somewhere with a bit of life.

For a ‘cheap date’ a walk in the moonlight and star-gazing, would be perfect.

And, should dating stop if a relationship moves further along?

I’d say no – after all, it keeps something special alive.

I know couples that keep one night a month free, to go on a date – almost to rekindle the flame.

If I ever got to that stage, that would just be such an easy one – candles, DVD and cuddles is all this girl would need 😉

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How do children learn to bully?

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

Children must learn it from somewhere!

And how young do these bullying tendencies appear?

Now, I know that no child is an angel, my own included, and that at some point they will inevitably make mistakes, and push and shove their counterparts. But, what is it that turns that innocent push into a relentless tirade of physical and verbal abuse?

Why do children bully and where do they learn it?

The first part is easy to answer.

Bullies bully out of jealousy! Pure and simple, jealousy is what it all boils down too.

So the person that puts you down and says you are no good at what you do, is saying it because they are jealous that they cannot do what you do.

The big kid that picks on the new kid on the block does so to prove they are top dog, but underneath there is a jealousy that maybe the new kid has more loving parents than they have, or the new kid has better clothes, etc.

I was bullied. I cannot remember minute details, but the scars have run so deep, I have no memories of secondary school at all.

I was bullied because I was different. I went to an all-girls school and because I was preferred the Arts to make-up and boys, I was easy prey. Looking back, it was probably out of jealousy because I wasn’t ‘one of the crowd’, I wasn’t ‘a sheep’, I had my own mind and stuck to it, did not bow to peer pressure.

But how do children learn to bully?

Is it from parents, the television, media? What?

That’s the bit that I don’t understand.

The reason for this question is because SC is having a bad time at the moment. I’ve written before about how he’s been hit, kicked, pushed, punched, etc pretty much every week since he started school. But in these last few weeks, he has not wanted to go to school, at all!

Every morning he wakes up and states “I’m not going to school today!”

Every time I ask why, he says it’s because people are unkind. I hasten to add, after further questioning, it is not everyone, but merely 1 or 2 children that seem to have it in for him.

And it’s always the same 2.

Now, I have spoken to another mother whose son seems to back up SC’s claim, and that 1 of the children involved is particularly vile to everyone (to look at him butter wouldn’t melt, but then isn’t that always the way?), but is especially vile to SC.

I have no idea what to do?

I certainly don’t want SC hating going to school – at the moment he is well above his peers in his level of learning (this is probably the underlying root of the problem), and has admitted he is also bored at school, “it’s too easy!” – but the more he says he doesn’t want to go to school, his reaction will be to shut down, switch off, and then all his potential (of which he, and every other child, has an enormous amount of) will be gone. He just won’t want to learn.

I have sniffed out the possibility of him going to another school, but I don’t want to make a knee-jerk reaction.

I know, more than anyone, that there will be nice and nasty children at any school, they will just have different names and different faces. And I have said as much to SC.

Yesterday, he was adamant he didn’t want to go to school and sat in bed shouting “I don’t ever want to go to that school again! I want to go to School X” – he even told 2 boys that he was leaving school, and then they went and told the teacher (snitches!). When his teacher asked him about this SC said that “mummy said I could!” (oops!)

So there is obviously a problem, but schools don’t like to admit this, let alone do anything about it.

I know a lot of parents tell there kids to fight back, however, I have a big problem with this.

a) if SC hits back, he is no better than the bully, and more likely the bully will go running of to the teacher and tell a pack of lies, so SC gets into trouble.


b) violence escalates. If I hit you, you hit me, I get a stick, you get a stick, I get a knife, you get a knife, etc. Where does it all end?

My advice to SC has always been, just walk away. Don’t let anyone see you are upset, just walk away. If you walk away and don’t react, the bully will get bored.

I don’t like violence, I don’t want to bring SC up to thinking the only way to get out of a situation is to use his fists. There are other ways.

Bullying was bad enough when it was me. How do I protect my son? I don’t want him going through the next 12 years of schooling afraid of being himself. I want him to enjoy learning and going to school, not hate every single minute so that all his childhood memories are warped by the horridness – if that makes sense.

So I ask the questions again how do children learn to bully?

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What will you give up?

It’s pancake day tomorrow, so that means, in theory, from Wednesday we have to give up something for Lent.ash wednesday

I can’t give up biscuits. Been there, done that! (13½ months to date)

I don’t drink alcohol, or eat chocolate, so they are out!

I’ve given up crisps – need to get my figure in trim for showgirl outfit (just over a month to go!) – I’m cutting the carbs as well, that always helps 😉

So what do you give up?

It has to be something that you would miss, or have to work at abstaining from.

I would love to be able to say that I’m giving up worrying and stressing for Lent, but let’s face it, that’s never going to be achievable at all, let alone in a month of Sundays (OK 6 weeks).

Mmmmm (thinks very hard!)

I think I’m going to give up thinking the worst of a situation and try to find a positive for each problem I encounter.


Try to give up using sarcastic banter as a cloaking device in awkward situations!

Ooo, that’s going to take some doing…wish me luck!


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I’m a Pig! What are you?

In terms of the Chinese Zodiac, obviously!chinese new year

Tomorrow, Chinese people all over the world will be heralding the start of the Year of the Snake.

It’s the oldest and most important festival in China, and its also known as the Spring Festival as it celebrates the earth coming back to life and the beginning of plowing and planting.

There are several legends about how the animals were chosen for the Chinese Zodiac, but perhaps the most common one is that of the Jade Emperor, or the Emperor of Heaven,  and the measuring of time:

Long, long ago, the Jade Emperor decided that he would like a way to measure the passing of time. He called upon all the creatures of the kingdom to take part in a race to determine which 12 animals would be granted a zodiac year. The start of the race was along the bank of a fast-flowing river, which the animals would need to negotiate to reach the finish line on the other side.

The rat, seeing that he would have difficulties in crossing the river without being swept away by the currents, convinced the kind and good-natured ox to carry him across the river. Once across, the rat promptly leapt off the back of the ox and claimed first place! Poor, old ox had to settle with second.

Shortly afterwards, came the tiger, who was exhausted after swimming against the strong currents of the river. With a hoppity hop, along came rabbit, who had crossed the river by hopping along some stepping-stones before falling into the water and being washed to the shore on a floating log.

In fifth place came the mighty dragon, who flew over the finishing line breathing fire out of his nose. “Why did you not come first?” asked the puzzled Jade Emperor. The dragon explained that along the way, he had to stop and make rain for all the people and creatures in the world, which caused him to be delayed. Then, whilst flying over the river, he noticed a little rabbit set adrift on a log, so he blew a puff of wind to carry the log to the shore. Pleased with the dragon’s acts of kindness, the Jade emperor granted him the fifth place in the zodiac.

Soon after, came the sound of horses hooves. However, the sly snake had hitched a ride by clinging onto one of the horse’s legs and when he wriggled out, surprised the horse, giving him time to claim sixth place. Horse had to be content with taking seventh place.

Sheep, monkey and rooster arrived next, having worked together to get across the river on a raft that the rooster had found.

Eleventh place went to the dog, who despite being one of the best swimmers, decided to have a good bath because the clean water of the river was too big a temptation.

Bringing up the rear was the pig, who got hungry during the race, and feasted. After the feast, he fell asleep, and it was not until after he woke that he completed the race!


So, there you have it, now you know 😉

And I’m a typical pig.

For everyone celebrating tomorrow “Gung Hay Fat Choy”


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Valentine’s Day Commercialism

OK, so I’m a single cynic when it comes to Valentine’s Day.roses

But is it just me, or has this too been ram-raided into being over-commercialised. No longer are the mince pies cleared off the supermarket shelves on December 26th, than Valentines day cards and chocolates appear.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am an incurable romantic who wants Prince Charming to ride up on his silver white charger and sweep me off my feet, but why do we feel compelled to over-spend on Valentine’s Day?

Surely, if you love someone with all your heart you show them every day how much you love them, in the small things you do – like leaving the bathroom seat down, or even just listening – you don’t need to build it up and just be romantic on one day of the year?

Of course, it is a day for lovers, but you don’t need to go overboard, or is it, like everything else built up so that if we don’t get the flowers and the card and the chocolates and the jewellery we feel hard done by?

You’ve got someone who loves you, that should be enough!

If I’ve been in a relationship on Valentine’s Day, I have always said, nice though it may be but, not to buy flowers because they are half the price the following day!

I would rather have someone show he care every day, than just one big show once a year!

For the record though, last year this single gal got a dozen red roses (they just happened to be from a 4yo)

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Horsemeat Scandal

The ‘horsemeat scandal’ just makes me glad I’m vegetarian 😉

That’s all!

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