Out of the Mouthes of Babes – Snow

SC and I have had a fab time with the recent weather – snowball fights, making snow angels and snowman building snow– although in our case (OK mine) this is more snow mound building – my snowman making efforts rate up there with sand castle building, in the fact I am pretty rubbish!

When it did start snowing last Friday, SC turned to me and said, rather excitedly “Mummy, the Weather Fairies have turned the snow tap on and they can’t turn it off again, it’s going to snow for ever!”

I did have to agree, that it did look like those Weather Fairies did indeed need to call a plumber to fix the snow tap, but probably couldn’t find one who wasn’t busy at this time of year 😉

After a week of sliding down the road in the car (no gritters on these roads), thankfully like the Wicked Witch of the West its melting 😉

I’ve a funny feeling though, those Weather Fairies might have a few more problems with their snow taps before Spring arrives!


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