Do You Deserve Everything You Get?

Someone said to me yesterday that I deserved everything I got!

This was said with malice, I hasten to add.

And that got me thinking, do I, or anyone else come to think of it, deserve what they get in life?

And thinking further is it actually what we deserve, or merely a physical manifestation of our innermost wants, which we ourselves are oblivious of until such time as ‘we get what we deserve’?

And without getting too philosophical or psychological is it perhaps the universe giving us what it knows we can handle?

I remember watching a film, think it was “The Wedding Date”, with Debra Messing (her off Will & Grace) and the father, played by the rather swoonsome Paul Egan, said to Debra Messing’s character that women get the love life they want.

So men, or women who get treated badly, is it because they want to be treated badly, or is it because they have such low self-esteem that they think they don’t deserve to be treated well?

And that got me thinking again? (And we all know how much I think, and boy has it given me a stinker of a headache!!)

So, I tried to take the philosophy that what we get is merely a physical manifestation of our innermost wants and apply it to some areas of my life.

And here’s what I came up with:


Being a true romantic at heart, with a head full of fairy-tales, I believe in there being a Prince Charming out there somewhere.

In reality though I know Prince Charming doesn’t exist. So maybe, when I thought I’d got close to that fairytale, it was with someone I knew, deep down, could and would never be mine? So I got the fairytale in my imagination, but being reality it never really existed in the first place!


I obviously didn’t set out to be a single-mother, but that is the situation I find myself in. Is this merely a physical manifestation of the fact that I thrive on a challenge and find ‘normality’ tedious? I suppose that could be true – after all I was constantly on the move in my career pre-SC – not that I have any lingering wishes towards Mr Wrong No. 2, far from it. Maybe the Universe dealt me this card because it knew I had the wherewithal to cope – although some days I seriously doubt its judgement!


Nothing is ever handed to anyone, and you have to work for what you want. There are no quick wins to fame or fortune, so to speak, except through hard work. That’s what makes slogging your guts out worthwhile, when you can see the results of all that hard work. Sometimes it takes a lifetime. And again, maybe deep down the reason I keep going, is because I’m not a quitter and I just want to prove everyone wrong – just once – and show that I can do it!

It’s not a perfect explanation, but at least its got the thoughts out of my head, and relieved some of the headache!

I don’t believe we deserve what we get!

I believe we all have the power to overcome anything in life, if we choose too, rather than sitting down, doing nothing and letting life pass us by.


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3 responses to “Do You Deserve Everything You Get?

  1. I love this post! “I believe we all have the power to overcome anything in life, if we choose too, rather than sitting down, doing nothing and letting life pass us by.” My sentimenst exactly. I am uncertain aboutthis word “deserve.” We are all “deserving” of Love and happiness as human beings. In saying this I believe we “attract” what we allow or what our thoughts “believe” we deserve or are worthy of. On the other hand, sometimes shit just happens and it is down to us to turn that shit around to a positive allowing us to grow into the best form of ourselves and live a more fufilling and better informed, fuller life that we “deserve.” I love to look at life as a growing and learning experience. From hurt comes understanding and compassion for others, from pain should come the ability to heal, from what we perceive to be “ill treated by others” should come forgiveness and a greater sense of self love and worthiness. I guess the decision lies within us as to which path we want or believe we should take. I always try and opt for positive. And by the way Diary of a cupcake, YOU deserve nothing but love, happiness and joy just as every other human being does. I love reading your posts and sharing insights and I do believe your Prince Charming is on his way. You just need to allow him to step forward when that time is right. 🙂


  2. Thank you for your lovely comments.
    I totally agree that if we’re dealt a rough hand at some point in our lives we must try and find a positive to cancel out the negative and grow.
    Everything that happens to us, is to allow us to grow and learn – we can and must forgive, but we must never forget – if we forget we don’t learn.
    We all have choices in life, and whatever choices we make will bring us to where we are destined to be.


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