Supermarket Sweep – Part 2

A couple of final comments about supermarket shopping – namely internet shopping and stealing!

Internet Shopping

I used to do shopping by the internet whilst I was pregnant. Not because I was too lazy to walk round the shop, but for the fact that the smell made me nauseous. I won’t say which supermarkets I used but there might have been a hint of orange, but then every little helped. Generally, things were OK. 9 times out of 10 the groceries arrived when they said they would. But when they get it wrong, boy do they get it wrong.

I had one delivery driver refuse to take my shopping into the house, due to that famous “elf and safety” despite the fact that I was visibly pregnant and all he had to do was step through the front door (not even a step) and deposit it in the hall. Now, you’re probably screaming why couldn’t you do it, but my response would be that every other driver did and I was paying for delivery. One complaint later and delivery fee refunded.

Occasionally my shopping was seriously late to the point I had phoned up customer services several times and was getting to know the person who answered the phone. Little tip I would like to impart – if your shopping fails to turn up within its allotted slot and is much later than half an hour after the deadline then you complain and ask for a full refund – I did and got it. Twice! (Complimentary bunch of flowers the second time) So never forget you have the right to complain.

The other thing that can be very amusing is the substitution option. Generally this means that if they don’t have the item you specified, the shopper uses his/her discretion to pick a substitute item, usually a different brand.

Or so you would think!

One week I ordered a packet of spaghetti – the long stuff you put in a saucepan to boil. When the delivery arrived the driver told me what was substituted, as this generally gets put in a different coloured bag. That’s OK, thought I, any other type of pasta would be fine. Little did I know until I unpacked the shopping that “Dopey” from the “Snow White” had actually been packing my order. Can you guess what they gave me as a substitute? 


A TIN OF SPAGHETTI HOOPS!  Grrr, yet another phone call to customer services.

One final thing is to always check use-by and sell-by dates. Obviously when shopping yourself you check dates very carefully. Internet shopping doesn’t work like that. You see them going round the stores, picking out frozen stuff first, so it thaws before you’ve finished and then gets sent to you and just picking up items without checking whether it’s in date or broken, etc. IF you receive goods that are use-by the day you get your shopping or the following day. Phone up and complain, you may be able to get a refund on these items.

My final gripe, is one that does happen all too frequently. Supermarkets are aware it happens and yet are powerless to do anything. STEALING.

And it’s not who you would generally stereotype this kind of person to be. All too often it is a nice middle-class person. I have witnessed this offence on several occasions, only to be told by the supermarket manager that they can’t do anything about it.

Why not? Stealing is stealing in whatever shape or form. It doesn’t matter who you are.

Stealing is against the law.

You may not think you are doing anything wrong as you wander round the supermarket and feed a bread roll to your screaming youngster – but if you don’t pay for it you are.

Similarly is you pick up a bunch of grapes eat a handful and then put them on the shelf a few aisles further on YOU ARE STEALING.

Ditto those who take bars out of boxes. Taking stuff and not paying for it is ILLEGAL.

Yes, yes, yes, supermarkets make so much money they won’t miss a few grapes, etc. But supermarkets do actually lose quite a lot of money each year due to theft, even though it’s absorbed by the huge profits they make.

My argument still stands, if you don’t pay for it you are stealing and no better than someone who steals a car, or breaks into a house and steals anything they can get there hands on.


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