Love Is … Like An Audition!

… most of the time all you hear is “Next!”

Occasionally you get a recall, maybe even a few for one part, before it comes down to a choice between you and another actor. Then generally, you always lose out!

Not for want of talent, but it could be for all manner of reasons, too tall, too short, too clever, too ugly, too fat, too thin, too outspoken, too quiet. There will always be something.

But, you know what? None of these things are your fault. You cannot change who you are.

Eventually, after so many auditions and recalls, that you lose count, you get a part.

Most of the time these parts are not permanent – they will be contracted for a couple of years, until you outgrow the production. Either because you don’t want to renew your contract as you want a new challenge, or because the casting director feels the need to breathe new life into the production – if this is the case it’s generally their loss 😉

Once in a lifetime though you will find the perfect part for you. There will be no need for ‘hamming it up’, forcing emotions, trying your utmost to remember lines, ‘the method’, etc. The role is suited to you. It will be a totally natural and organic performance “darling”! You and the part in perfect harmony.

This role is the one we all search for. Some of us find it. Some of us just keep missing the damn call 😉


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