What is Intelligence?

Generally we think of someone as intelligent if they excel academically.

But is how many A’Levels you get at A* really indicative of your intelligence?

Sure, you can regurgitate facts and figures, but is that all there is to being intelligent?

I don’t think it is.

Some entrepreneurs that have succeeded left school with basic qualifications, but surely their ability to identify and, for want of a better word, exploit the market to their advantage also warrants them worthy of the title “intelligent”? They may not have a first class honours degree, but they can think outside the box and come up with solutions to problems no one else thought of.

I firmly believe that we are all intelligent. But that so-called intelligence manifests itself in different guises.

Like the entrepreneur that can think outside the box by thinking laterally.

Some of us are more spiritually aware, some of us more emotionally aware, some are better at expressing themselves vocally, for example.

We should all be open to learning from each other, as we all have our own unique intelligence.

Facts and figures have their place, but at the end of the day who would you rather have a conversation with: the person who talks at you rather than to you, quoting this and that and believes they are always right, or the person who may not be able to quote facts verbatim, but has an opinion, and more importantly is open to listening to your opinion (and vice versa)?

For me personally, I would rather be able to know that I could talk to someone and hold a meaningful conversation with them without fear that my opinion will be dismissed as total garbage and nonsense!

I’ll take emotional and spiritual intelligence any day thank you 😉


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