Kindness is the act of being kind to others without any bias, spite or indeed getting anything in return. It is purely a voluntary act of unselfishness.

But in this day and age can being kind to others mean that you are seen as a doormat, a pushover, someone to whom you can treat like dirt because they have a kind heart and no malice?

I’ve read lots of books on marketing techniques, how to close sales, how to get what you want, and the same information is imparted in obviously different ways.

It is akin to a character in Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies – Mrs Do-As-You-Would-Be-Done-By.

So for example, if you want people to be kind to you, start treating other people with kindness. If you want help, help others.

It’s a simple, yet effective technique called empathy.

Treat people as you would wish to be treated yourself.

If we all lived by this simple motto – do as you would be done by – then maybe we could make the world a nicer place to live?


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