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The Rules are …

… there are no rules.

Its time to break away from the chains of convention I thought I was tied to and start thinking outside the box.

Thankfully, I’m fairly unconventional and don’t do sitting in a box 😉

So, its time to break the rules and do things my way in order to survive!

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Inspiring Blog Award – Belated Thank You

The lovely Danielle at DingDongItsMrWrong nominated this blog for an inspiring blogger award.

Thank you, it is much appreciated.

Now, there are rules which one has to abide by when nominated, and they are as follows:

Very Inspiring Blogger Award Rules

1.Display the award logo on your blog.

2.Link back to the person who nominated you.

3.State 7 things about yourself.

4.Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

5.Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements


7 Things about Me (that you don’t already know)

  1. I used to sing in the church choir – extra bonus was that the vicar was rather cute 😉
  2. I love Marmite – and whoever thought up Marmite cashews and Marmite cheddar, pure genius!
  3. I’m a total petrolhead. I love cars. What more can I say!
  4. Have had anorexic and bullimic tendencies in the past. Never did the throwing up thing though. I tried it, but who likes being sick at the best of times and just couldn’t do.
  5. I have a degree in Mathematics – oops! I think I just outed my inner geekiness!
  6. Am a trained dancer and was part of a group that won the All England dance competition … twice.
  7. Scared of flying. Actually let me rephrase that. I’m not scared of flying, just scared of suddenly not flying. I was fine until that Air France plane just ditched in the Atlantic for no reason whatsoever.

15 Blogs that I’d like to Nominate

Now I haven’t read that many blogs yet, so as and when I find them I will add them here:


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Love is … like driving

… some people know where they are headed in order to get from A to B.

Some people drive too fast and miss the journey, only to reach the destination, get bored after a while and embark on a new journey.

Some people drive too slowly and carefully and never reach the destination.

Some people take detours to avoid boredom – these detours are always very attractive, but only the very brave will continue off-road. The majority of drivers will return to the safety net of the known route.

Some people are ditherers. They are unsure which direction to take and sometimes miss the right turning. If they are lucky there may be another chance to turn along the way, but only if this is their destined route to take.

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The Age of Innocence

Childhood is so brief and we are supposed to look back on it with fond memories in our dotage.

So why is society intent on making our children grow up too quickly. Sex & drugs education at 5, careers advice at 7, pregnant at 9 or 10,  in AA at 12 and drug rehab at 15.

Wow! What wonderful childhood memories to look back on. Paints a scary picture though and if things carry on this will be the norm for the next generation.

So how do we stop the rot, so to speak.

Initially parents! The buck stops there.

Whether it be single parents, married (hetero or same-sex), we are responsible for our children’s upbringing. We are their role models and their guides through to adulthood.

Think back to your childhood would your parents have let you stay up ’til all hours, or watch inappropriate films/television. If the answer is no, then ask yourself why it is now appropriate to let your children do this.

How angry would your parents have been if you hadn’t said please, or thank you? Why is it now the norm for children not to say this. ‘Thank you’ – those two little words carry such weight.

What would your parents have done if you had been rude to a teacher at school? Why do we now hear so many stories of teachers being abused by pupils, or teachers disciplining children only to have the parents turn on the teacher instead of backing them up?

So parents (and I do appreciate it’s not everyone) take responsiblity for your children. It is not the school’s fault if they don’t teach your children discipline and manners – it’s yours. It’s not society’s fault that your children don’t know right from wrong – it’s yours. It’s not the computer games company’s fault that they sell inappropriate games – it’s yours for buying it.

It’s up to us to instill a sense of decency into the next generation and the only people who can do that for our children is us as parents.

The next on the list is the media.

Children’s programmes and there are a lot of good ones out there, but they should be appropriate.

There are far too many where, again children never say please or thank you and are shown to be self-centred.

Do we need cartoons where the ‘bad guy’ is drawn in an unpleasant way – the character comes from the voice. Bullying starts because people are different – if young children are exposed to bad guys being different then they will assume all people who look different are bad. That might not make sense to you as an adult, but think about it with child logic!

Sketch shows should have age appropriate humour. Slapstick is great but it is not suitable for a show aimed at preschoolers/infants to show someone failing to get into a cannon (with the intent of being fired out) and then having the cannon explode on his face!

After children’s programmes come adverts – yes Milkshake! I’m talking about you. How suitable is it to show trailers for 12+ movies during a break when it is obvious that preschoolers will be watching – ditto 18+ computer games.

Adverts should, again be age appropriate – and gosh, can’t you tell Christmas is upon us. How lovely it was to have a few adverts before September (again totally irrelevant to children’s programmes – life insurance, washing machines, etc) between programmes, whereas now each programme is separated by a good 5 minutes of adverts. But I digress…

I think the worst  advert for a toy I have seen, again on Channel 5, during Milkshake, is something called a blade spinner. Now I’m not blaming the television company for this one but the toy manufacturer. How intelligent is it in this day and age when teenagers are being knifed left, right and centre to produce a toy called “blade spinner” where the object, a car, is aimed towards this monster who has “knife-like” claws and spins around trying to whack the car out-of-the-way. I’m sorry, I just find it irresponsible.

Finally on adverts – Lalli-Kalli. Love the shoes, but is it really necessary to give away free make-up to 5 year olds!

Let’s grow up a  bit and leave pre-school behind. Teenagers – bless ’em. We were all one once, but were we really that scary that when an older person came across a group of us they crossed the street?

Note to teenagers – being a celebrity is not a career option!

Why do so many teenagers go out and get drunk? Because it’s cool? Because there’s nothing else to do?

I think it’s partly to look cool – but believe me there is nothing cool about being so drunk you end up either in casualty having your stomach pumped, or you spend several hours staring down a toilet bowl!

Would I be right in assuming boredom plays a big part?

If it’s boredom, as the old saying goes “go out and find something less boring to do instead”.

OK, so I know youth clubs and scouting are not perceived as “cool” any more – so make it, or anything else cool. Channel your bored energy and find a ‘hobby’ – who knows it could turn into a job??

Talking of jobs and teenagers – soap producers take note – why do no teenage soap characters on British television ever seem to have any career ambition. They all seem to drop out, or leave school at 16 with no idea what to do and so they drift.

So I say to everyone – parents, media and society – STOP! THINK! And let our children enjoy being children for as long as possible

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Lonely is when you have no one to talk to,

Lonely is when you have no one to help share the load,

Lonely is when you need help, but no one seems to know or care,

Lonely is when your friends seem to have deserted you, even though you’ve always been there for them

Lonely is when you live your life through imagined conversations,

Lonely is when your dreams are more real than reality,

Lonely is not a state of mind, lonely is a reality.


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Top 5 Musical Theatre Tunes…

… that I love to belt out to make me feel stronger in myself 😉

  • Maybe This Time – from Cabaret
  • I’m the Greatest Star – from Funny Girl
  • There Are Worse Things I Could Do – from Grease
  • A New Life – from Jekyll & Hyde
  • There’s a Fine, Fine Line – from Avenue Q

Obviously that’s not a finite list – there are so many great songs out there – anything goes on my sing-a-long list 😉

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Out of the Mouthes of Babes – God

“Mummy,” said SC the other morning.

“Who made God?”

“God made the universe and everything, but who made Him?”


I tried to do some very fast thinking, but I failed! So I did what I thought best and confessed that I didn’t know who made God. What else could I do?

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I Learned by Octavian Paler

I stumbled across this beautiful poem by the Romanian writer Octavian Paler the other day. It’s words are so true I wanted to share them:

We have time …
We have time for everything
To sleep, or to be all over the place,
To regret mistakes and do them again,
To judge others and find excuses for ourselves,

We have time to read and write,
To correct our writings, and regret what we wrote, We have time to make plans and never complete them,
We have time to fantasize about impossible things
and later on to look into the ashes of them.

We have time for ambitions and diseases,
To blame fate and the details,
We have time to watch the clouds, TV commercials and shocking news,
We have time to not answer questions,
To postpone the answers,
We have time to kill a dream and recreate it later
We have time to make friends, and lose them
We have time to get lessons and forget them later on,
We have time to get gifts and not understand them.
We have time for everything.

But we don’t have time for a little kindness.
When one does they are dying.

I learned some important things in my life and I would like to share them with you.
I learned that you can not make somebody love you. All you can do is to be a lovely person, the rest … depends on others.
I learned that it does not matter how much I care, others don’t.
I learned that it takes years to win somebody’s trust and it takes just a few seconds to lose it.
I learned that doesn’t matter what you HAVE in life, all that matters is with WHOM you have it.
I learned that in the first 15 min you can impress somebody by using your charm after that you have to come up with something smart.
I learned that you don’t have to compare yourself with what other people are best at you have to find out what is your best.
I learned that it does not matter what happens to people, what matters is what I can do to help.

I learned that each episode has two faces.

I learned you should part lovingly from those you love, It may be the last time you have the opportunity to see that person.
I learned that you can run a long time after you said that you are exhausted.
I learned that heroes are people who do the right thing when it is needed not caring about the consequences.

I learned that there are people that love you but they do not know how to show it.
I learned that when I am upset I have the right to be upset but I do not have the right to be mean.

I learned that you can have long distance friendships, the same applies to love.
I learned that if somebody does not love you like you wish, It does not mean he or she does not love you from the bottom of their heart.
He or she will occasionally hurt you and you will forgive it.

I learned that it is not enough to forgive others sometimes you have to forgive yourself.
I learned that regardless how much you are suffering the world will not stop.
I learned that your past can have an impact on your personality but you are responsible for what you are going to become.
I learned that, if two people get into a fight it does not mean they do not love each other. And the fact that they do not fight does not mean they love each other.
I learned that sometimes you have to put the person first and not their actions.
I learned that two people can see different sides of the same incident.
I learned that indifferent of the consequences those who are honest with themselves are the winners in life.
I learned that your life can be changed by strangers in a few hours.
I learned that when you think you have nothing to give your friend can call for help, and you will find the strength to help him.

I learned that talking and writing can help to heal your pain.
I learned that you spend too little time with people you love the most…

I learned that is very hard to know when to be nice so you do not hurt people but you still sustain your opinions.

I learned to love so I can be loved in return.

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Following on the ‘pants’ saga, I recently purchased a pack of “high legs” from everyone’s favourite knicker shop.

Very handily they have a “knicker guide” on their website to point out the benefits of each. High leg apparently means “sits just under the tummy button with good bottom coverage and a flattering high cut on the legs”.


I will agree with the flattering high cut on the leg.


“good bottom coverage”? Oh no, I don’t think so!

I don’t know who they are trying to kid, but if you try a pair on, as I did they have more material at the front than back, resulting in the front view of the pants sitting just under your tummy button as described, but the top of the back sitting just above (there really is no polite way of saying this) your builders bottom crack.

So you have a nice high-waisted coverage at the front and pants suitable for hipsters at the back. If you try to adjust to get higher coverage at the back, you get a nice flappy bit of material underneath your gusset. Tres chic!

If I buy pants I want good coverage front and back please.

Also on the backside coverage issue, they do not fully cover your backside cheeks either. I have checked with a pair from a pack I was given last year (still in the pack) and the width of the gusset on the pair bought recently at the back is a good 2cm each side NARROWER than last years pair. I know there’s a recession, but really! These knickers do not give good bottom coverage, they are simply a wider version of a thong.

I didn’t buy a thong I bought knickers that were clearly advertised as giving good bottom coverage.

Like I said before NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO WEAR A THONG, so please stop trying to force everyone too.

Finally, what on earth is a brazilian brief?

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There’s a reason women should never …

… use men’s deodorant!

And that reason is it’s much, much, MUCH stronger in smell than women’s.

How do I know?

Well, I had run out the other day, and had to use my dad’s. It was, I thought, a fairly neutral smell – until I squirted it.

Wow! Could have knocked anyone back at 1000 paces, let alone the proverbial 50!

It had a really strong smell.

5 showers later and I can still smell it!!!

How come it never smells that strong on men?

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