Love is … like a pair of shoes!

… the prettier they are the more you end up in pain after a while wearing them!

You know the pain – the searing, burning pain on the balls of your feet. Yup! That one! And putting those party feet cushioning things in doesn’t actually do any good. It might dull the pain for a while, but you know it will return when you take the shoes off!

I’m not saying we should all go for the not-quite-so pretty sensible option – pretty shoes are a welcome distraction sometimes and a little bit of pain is good for all of us, but we should learn from lessons past.

If a pair of shoes is pretty, the likelihood is you will end up in pain.

Love is being able to wear a pair of shoes, both pretty and comfortable, for ever, and feel that when you’ve got them on as if you are walking on air!


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