Life is so precious…

…as I was reminded last night.

Not a gentle reminder, but a whacking great blow to the stomach.

I got to rehearsal and a friend of mine took me aside to let me know that another friend had died very suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday morning. She was 32!

It made all my problems seem very insignificant in the grand scheme of things and my heart goes out to her parents. I would be inconsolable if anything happened to SC, so I can only imagine half of what her parents must be going through.

As I lay awake most of last night, I thought about how precious life is, and how we seem to waste it, leaving our lives in limbo as we put off stuff, from the mundane to the pretty important, thinking “I can do it tomorrow”.

But what if there is no tomorrow?

If the world was to end tonight what would you do to make sure you didn’t leave anything unfinished? So you had no regrets.

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