Hard to Impress?

I’m not hard to impress (or please) really.

I’m not impressed by big, unmeant gestures that are done purely for show.

I am impressed when there is thought and meaning behind a gesture, however small.

It could be as simple as asking if I’m OK without me prompting by saying that I’ve had a bad day.

Offering to give me a massage when I’ve been on my feet all day, jumping around being a kangaroo, or wriggling along the floor as a caterpillar – I love my job 😉

Or even just making me a cup of tea!

To me kindness, thoughtfulness and affection are more impressive than flash cars and fancy restaurants.

I am easily pleased, but I am not easily won over.

I don’t give my heart away to just anyone, only someone deserving of it.

And when you have won me over, you’ll know 😉


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