Ask a stupid question…

… and you are bound to get an equal stupid (and sarcastic reply).

I have heard 2 very daft questions indeed this week, and wondered why they were being asked and if the person asking them really did think up the question all by themselves!

Question No. 1

Now, my mum has trouble getting up the stairs and this has been getting increasingly more difficult, so recently she had an “inter-floor perambulator” (or “personal elevation device”) installed – stair-lift in other words!

Now the company in question (and it wasn’t Stannah) phoned up this week – actually it was the 3rd phone call in as many weeks from customer service.

After 5 minutes of general chit-chat about nothing in particular, we get to the stupid question:

“So, could you tell me why you’ve had a stair lift installed?”

My mother was incensed at her stupidity told her what an idiotic question that was.

Generally, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought stair lifts were installed when people had difficulty climbing stairs – so basically this would be a stock answer from absolutely every single customer!

Who on earth wrote her script?

Question No. 2

Grand Prix weekend (not that we’re excited in this house *I believe in McLaren*) and I turned on FP2 this afternoon – funnily enough it was raining in Belgium, so no cars were out on track.

Ms Natalie Pinkham began interviewing Nico Hulkenberg.

She made some girlie gaffe about the brightness of his new white jacket, to which he drolly replied that it wasn’t new and was dirty.

Then came the classic…

NP. “So, Nico, you don’t live far from the circuit and drove here this morning. What do you drive?”

NH. “A car!”

Absolute classic, I nearly cried laughing 😉


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