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are hell!

I’ve suffered from migraine since I was 8, and I mean full on migraine not just bad headaches!

Everyone is different when it comes to what triggers migraine. For some its food, most common being dairy, red wine and chocolate. For me it’s stress and those bloody hormones again 😉

I don’t get those warning auras, I wish I did, at least that way I’d be prepared.

Migraines are very debilitating. I know I’m lucky, in that i don’t throw up, well not everytime. But it takes me at least 3 full days to recover. Once the searing pain has gone, I’m left with a constant feeling of nausea, dizziness and a muzzy head.

The only over-the-counter tablets that work for me are Migraleve. But I’m looking for any alternative treatment anyone would care to suggest.

I think I might try getting my chakras rebalanced as a starter for 10!

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