My Top 5 Men

OK, got some time of my hands, going to indulge in a little drool time now 🙂

My top 5 men. Ooo, such a list to choose from – and believe me, not going to be obvious and say Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or even Robert Pat-whatever-his-name-is. Oh no, I have a very eclectic taste, which mirrors my quirkiness 😉

Literally, anything goes in my case 😉

Those that didn’t quite make it on to the top 5, but deserve an honourable mention: Gregory Peck, Rock Hudson, Raffy Sinclair (hero from chick-lit “Chocolate Wishes” by Trisha Ashley), Ralph Fiennes, Andrew Ridgely (don’t ask, big Wham! fan when I was little), ooo and the sax player from Jesus Jones – he was rather lovely when I saw them at the student union, whilst at uni, mmm, glazed with perspiration, a ponytail of blond dreads and the most gorgeous blue eyes you could dive in to (seriously, blond dreads don’t do it for me now, but the memory is lovely)

But anyway, back to the list:

In at number 5 – the lovely Mr Darcy from Pride & Prejudice. And yes, it does help to think of Colin Firth emerging from that lake with a dripping shirt. Stop! I’m coming over all unnecessary as I type 😉 Tall, dark, brooding – and as Mrs Bennett quite rightly remarks “a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife”. He’s definitely good to drool over, but I think the conversation would get a little stilted if he didn’t actually speak and just brooded all the time.

At number 4 – Christian Horner – don’t ask me why! I have the teensiest little crushette on the Team Principal for Red Bull Racing – which is odd as I’m a firm Team McLaren girl (Go Lewis!). He’s way too short for me (and clearly wouldn’t give me a second, or even backward glance), but there’s something about him. Maybe it’s the cute floppy, college boy hair? Certainly brightens up race weekend – especially if McLaren have messed up the pit stops, or strategy … again!



Number 3 – another literary creation. A certain James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser. The hero of a series of books by Diana Gabaldon. Won’t bore you with the story details, needless to say I dare any woman not to fall in love with this 6ft, red-headed Scottish Laird. He’s brave, handsome (in my imagination anyway), romantic, not ashamed to say how he feels and would do anything for the woman he loves. SWOON! (Someone please pass me my smelling salts)


Number 2 – Close call for this, but at number 2 is Bruce Parry. For those of you who’ve never heard of him, he’s an ex-marine who spends months at a time living with indigenous tribes people all over the world. Again, a bit on the short side, but a definite wouldn’t say no! Environmentallist, eco-warrior, and definitely has that little something about him that endears the female eye to start drooling 😉


But at number 1 – and don’t laugh, because I fell in love with him when I was 10. Dirk Bogarde. Don’t care that’s he’s no longer with us, don’t care what people say about him. I fell in love with Dr Simon Sparrow when I was 10. One of my favourite old-time films – Doctor in the House. Inspired me to want to be a doctor – that and wanting to find a cure for my mum’s arthritis. Didn’t become a doctor I hasten to add – got despondent at school. Still that obviously wasn’t the right career path for me, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Still love Dirk Bogarde though. A true matinée idol 😉

Who would you have on your list?


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