Mummy you don’t need a Knight in Shining Armour…

…because you’ve got me, and I’m your knight in shining armour!

said SC when we were in the car travelling to a castle on the trail of knights in shining armour last week. I just happened to mention that maybe I would find a knight in shining armour to look after us – you never know stranger things have happened. Knights are just in short supply these days, especially those on white chargers 😉

SC was quite adamant that I wasn’t actually allowed a knight, even when I said that of course he was mummy’s knight, but wasn’t she allowed a grown-up version too?

No, was the definitive answer.

But what happens, I reasoned with him, when he grows up and finds his own princess?

Child logic comes in to play here. “That doesn’t matter mummy, I’ll never leave you on your own, you’ll come with me!”

Mmmm, even I wouldn’t hold him to that one.

But, he’s right. He may not be a grown-up version, but I do have Prince Charming and a knight in shining armour. He’s just 5! And I’m training him up for someone else 😉


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