Do you prefer a hard one, or a soft one?

Take your minds out of the toilet, or the gutter. I’m talking mattresses šŸ˜‰

I took SC on holiday last week, and we stayed in a charming (?) cottage (well, 1960’s bungalow with shared entrance with the owner to be exact).

But the bed! Oh my God!

The mattress was sooooo soft.

Literally, it was a case of sit on it, it sunk to the floor and you rolled into the middle.

Now, my personal preference is a firm mattress. In fact, the firmer the better.

And after a few days of soft mattress central, my back, and whole body, was literally screaming out in pain and tension, so much, I had to put an emergency call in to my mum to make an appointment at my osteopathsĀ for this morning (I don’t carry my osteopath’s number with me!)

After a session this morning, where I was pummelled, massaged, pulled about and various spinal joints cracked to within an inch of their life I felt heaps better – will be having another session in a fortnight.

But it got me thinking?

What do you if you are in a relationship and you both prefer different types of mattresses?

Now, take me and Mr Wrong No. 1. When I moved in, he still had the mattress he had bought when he first moved out of his parents 20-odd years before. We went out and bought (together) a new bed and mattress – thankfully we both preferred a firm mattress – so no arguments there. Mattress compatibility achieved – obviously the rest wasn’t that compatible, but least said, etc.

Me and Mr Wrong No. 2 was a totally different kettle of fish. He had a very soft mattress, and refused point-blank to even contemplate buying a different one – even though like Mr Wrong No. 1 it was years old. It was extremely uncomfortable. Not as much sagging towards the floor like mine and SC’s holiday cottage one (yes, we co-sleep, problem?), but rolling into the middle.

This proved extremely uncomfortable in the later stages of pregnancy, especially as you’re extremely tired and cannot get comfortable, no matter how hard you try – and as a result get ratty. It certainly did my back no favours, as several trips to the cranial osteopath proved.

But, should I have taken the warning sign about the mattress as a signal that the relationship was doomed from the start?

I know you can get super beds these days, when each side can have a different mattress, but if you don’t want one of those do you compromise? And by that I mean that one will always lose out, because in terms of mattresses, if one prefers soft and the other prefers hard where do you compromise? Sleep is compulsory, and a good night’s sleep fairly essential!

Just a thought!


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