Is it just me, or does anyone else get mightily peeved, when shopping for matching frillies, to be offered only 2 choices of knickers – in the loosest sense of the word? Thong, or boy shorts!

Now personally, I prefer to keep my backside covered – and I can’t be the only one. So why do shops not cater for all tastes. It surely can’t be a question of cost, I mean it can’t cost that much to run a thread of elastic across the top and bottom of a Y-shaped piece of material??

According to a certain shop’s customer service, when I griped about their distinct lack of bottom-covering matching undies, the response was that “they aren’t popular amongst our clientele”.

Now I could understand that comment should their client base constitute a majority of teenagers and girls in the 20s. But this happened to be M&S, where everyone’s Granny shops. Everyone owns at least one pair of M&S undies. And when was the last time you saw an octogenarian buy a pair of boys shorts, let alone a thong!

Just what is the point of thongs?

Comfort? Surely it isn’t comfortable walking around with the feeling that you are suffering from permanent KUB Syndrome (KUB = Knickers Up Bottom). I mean we spend our formative years trying to avoid KUB Syndrome – because it’s uncomfortable and let’s face it, there is no easy or inconspicuous way to extract the offending garment – so why do we then purchase thongs? It would be more comfortable wearing dental floss.

Attractive to the opposite sex? Yes – for obvious reasons.

BUT IT IS NOT attractive poking out the top of your trousers. Let’s face it, no undergarment is, irrespective of whether it’s dental floss, lace, satin or covered in diamante.

So is the point of the thong to remove the worry of having a VPL?

Apparently though, that’s what “boy shorts” were invented for. They sure as heck weren’t invented for comfort either, because the moment you start moving so do they. Resulting in KUB Syndrome!

My advice, if you want to avoid a VPL – go commando, or buy a bigger pair of trousers!

As for me, I prefer comfort! I like to know, for want of a better expression that my backside is covered 😉


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