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Everything we do in life is a choice.

But, there are 3 things I believe we cannot choose:

  1. our family
  2. when we die
  3. who we fall in love with

Everything else is always a choice.

The choices you make will all be part of destiny’s plan for you. Sometimes though we have to make more choices in order to get to the places we are meant to be at, and so the journey seems, at times, harder and sometimes it feels as if you’ll never reach your destination.

I’m a firm believer in following your heart. You can follow your head, but ultimately you’ll always be happier following your heart 😉

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Love is … like finding a pair of jeans

A thought struck me about jeans and finding your one true love!

Bizarre? Not if you think about it.

How long do we search for that elusive, perfect fit of jeans that we feel comfortable in, never want to take off and wear always?


And why?

Because there are hundreds of different styles of jeans, colours, fittings, no 2 are the same. Bootleg, skinny, fit ‘n’ flare, stonewashed, dark denim, black, waist sizes, leg sizes, Levis, Coopers, cheap old 2 for a tenner from the supermarket.

And how often do you find a pair that fit, in the shop and when you’ve bought them you go to wear them and they never feel quite right, so off you go again.

Or, you wear them for a while, but something just doesn’t feel right, so you have to start searching again.

Searching, always searching.

Now doesn’t that sound like looking for Prince Charming to you?

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