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Psychological Air Traffic Control…

… is a b***h!!

One minute all the signals are set to green for go, the next there’s a red flashing light and a voice shouting “abort, abort!”

My heart doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going! My heart is screaming green, but my head is setting me up to be let down.

I feel nauseous, there’s a big knot in my stomach, I can’t sleep, I’m ratty and snapping like a crocodile.

I didn’t ask to get on this plane. It just, sort of happened. I didn’t expect to feel what I’m feeling, or that these feelings would be so strong.

Sure, I thought I’d bought the t-shirt once years ago, but this is so very different, and probably knowing me, completely one-sided!

Wish air traffic control would make its flippin’ mind up though!

I guess the best thing for me to do is head for the hills and get over whatever it is I’ve got to get over. But I don’t want to get over the most intense feelings I’ve ever had, isn’t this what we search for?

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