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Holidays – Free Kids Places?

Not if you’re a single parent!

Don’t the ads look so great, and then there’s the added incentive of free, or discounted children’s places.


No, it doesn’t apply if you are a single parent.

If you are a single parent and want to take your child away, they have to pay full adult price. The small print, for virtually every single tour operator (and believe me, I’ve looked) says that the discounts only apply to children sharing a room with 2 adults.

Now, I don’t do package holidays. I prefer to enjoy myself rather than being herded like a sheep with 300 strangers who after 2 weeks of complaining about the food and weather return home looking like an over-boiled lobster!

But, package holidays do hold a certain appeal (more in the safety aspect than anything else) if you’re venturing abroad with a small person. However, I was quite frankly amazed when I started looking for a holiday. I actually stumbled upon this little fact last year, and have pretty much researched as much as I can before setting words down.

Everywhere you go and look for holidays, last-minute, bargain breaks in the paper, full price brochure the same rule seems to apply. Unless you have 2 adults the child discount does not apply.

Do single parents not deserve a holiday and to enjoy the same benefits as, for want of a better word, a ‘normal’ family? In this day and age when more and more parents are on their own surely the holiday companies should modernise their discriminatory rules?

Why should I have to pay an adult fare for SC when he wouldn’t have to pay the same flight price if I booked independently, most hotels actually charge per room per night, not based on number of occupants and finally he certainly wouldn’t eat more as much as an adult?

I’ve come to the conclusion that in these modern technological times holiday tour operators and package holidays are a dying breed and should be left to die out.

It is cheaper and definitely easier to find flights and good quality hotels at decent prices, much lower than a package price. Really the only thing you are paying for by buying a package holiday is a rep, you’re not buying a better quality holiday, in my humble opinion.

I appreciate that  for a lot of people a package is a good option, but the tour operators should really do something about their 2 adult policy, it gives off signals that they don’t want their holidays sullied with the likes of single parents, because of course we are all troublemakers, scum of the earth and underneath are covered in green scales!

For me, I shall stick with avoiding package holidays. I want to take SC on adventures, not just a flight from hell and 2 weeks of not seeing any culture, except the antics of the Englishman abroad!

I think next year we might try inter-railing, quite fancy the lakes and mountains of Austria (but that might also have something to do with me wanting to run up a big hill singing “the hills are alive with the sound of music” đŸ˜‰

This year, who knows. I’d best get cracking trying to sort something out, I’ve got 2 weeks to take a break from tomorrow. EEK!

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