Amber Teething Necklace

There was a story in the paper today about the dangers of babies choking from wearing amber necklaces. Specifically those bought off Amazon and eBay that have been made in Eastern Europe.

Obviously on the online version, there was the usual tidal wave of comments about mothers who put these on their children being mad, bad, insane, needing a lobotomy, etc.

Now, SC wore an amber necklace from the day he started teething. I was recommended it by a friend who lived in Germany, and they swore by it.

Apparently, amber is a natural analgesic, therefore a necklace will help numb teething pain.

Believe it or not, that is your choice.

I bought an amber necklace, and unlike the beads that have been reported SC’s necklace was knotted after each bead of amber, therefore should the necklace break only 1 bead will drop.

And before you start about me being mad, there is just as much chance of a child of 6 months choking on an apple than a necklace bead, but obviously weaning children with big chunks of apple at 6 months is OK, but wearing a necklace is not.

SC wore his necklace day and night, and we sailed through teething. Whether this was due to the necklace or not I don’t know. All I do know is that when his necklace did break, the 2 weeks it took to get a replacement was the longest of my life. SC was grumpy, whiney, all the symptoms that teething children get, and nothing could pacify him. Of course, it could just be that he was so used to having his necklace on that he felt bereft without it? But  the moment the new necklace went on, within an hour he had calmed right down again.

I would recommend an amber necklace for teething. My doctor asked what SC’s necklace was for, and when I told him he didn’t tell me I was stupid, rather said that it was a good idea and that Bonjela didn’t work anyway!

Like everything to do with children, of course, you need to be sensible, and of course if you buy a necklace where the amber beads are just tied up then the risk of scattering is greater than a necklace where the beads have a knot between each one.

But rather than scare-mongering reporting, surely a balanced perspective is better. You let children play with your necklaces, whilst you are wearing them and in the ‘dressing up box’ – surely there’s just as much chance of them choking if they manage to snap your necklaces as there is when they are wearing, and manage to snap an amber necklace?

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