Are you a cat person, or a dog person?

Now there are lots of people in this big world of ours: men and women, tall and short, fat and thin, the list is endless.

But, basically all people can be split into 2 categories. You are either a cat-lover, or a dog-lover.

There are pros and cons for both animals. Here are my top 3 for both categories:

Dog Pros

  • Loyal
  • Obedient
  • Lovable

Dog Cons

  • You have to go out for walks in all weathers at least twice a day
  • You have to pick up their poo in a bag and carry it to the nearest receptacle – if you do not, then shame on you
  • Whining and barking at anything that moves

Cat Pros

  • They cover up their own mess – albeit in the middle of your flower bed!
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Quiet (except when they are tormenting some creature they have bought you as a present!)

Cat Cons

  • Tendency to scratch furniture and/or you
  • Independent – they will not come to heel, they will take a message and get back to you when it suits
  • You need a suitable disposal method for all forms of wildlife, dead or alive, they bring into the house – and not be squeamish

I, for the record, am a cat person. It’s not that I dislike dogs, I was attacked by one when I was little so am a tad wary of big dogs. Some of my friends have dogs and they are just the soppiest things going! And I must be softening as I have promised SC that when we have our own place we can have 2 cats and a dog!!

So, what type are you?

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