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Prayer for the Day – 5th July 2012

Dear God

I know that growing old is compulsory but please, when I reach my dotage, I do not want to do ‘old lady’ smell.

You know, stale perfume and fishy lady garden.

Totally gross.

I’m truly sorry for saying “Oh my God it stinks in here!”, out loud, when I had to visit a public convenience, especially since there was a lady of maturing years in one of the cubicles.

But seriously, it stunk!!

Stale perfume and a serious ‘not-so-good’ lady garden odour.

It was the best I could do not to throw up and add to delectable aroma.

Do we lose our ability to smell once we hit old age, whenever that may be these days? After all if 65 is the new 55, where will it all end?

I truly hope that we do lose our ability to smell, this can be the only reason, and if dear God, it should happen to me at least I can use that as an excuse!


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