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Cupcake Trials #4

Well, I made another batch.

Now, when I was young a supermarket used to sell cupcakes, nothing as fancy as todays standards, but just sponge with an icing top. The cakes were very dense in texture, but light at the same time. How?

I had a teeny, tiny, blip when adding the flour and milk. My mind had wandered off and I just weighed out the self-raising flour straight into the mixture, and was about to do the same with the plain flour, when I realised, what I had done.

So the mixture had self-raising flour added and folded in, then some milk, then half the amount of plain flour, some more milk, the remaining flour and then the remaining milk.

This oversight on my part has not, thankfully caused any difference to the cakes. They are still edible 😉

I just can’t get the texture of ones you get at the bakery (and I’m not talking cupcake specialists here). They still just have the consistency of a  slightly denser Victoria sponge.

Could it be that I should only use plain (all-purpose) flour and dispense with the self-raising aspect and add a small amount of baking powder, to assist with the rising?

Also I use pure vanilla extract, and I still can’t taste it. Is vanilla essence stronger, even though it’s not as ‘pure’?

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Playing Pontoon…

… with SC.

After lunch today SC went to the drawer to get out a pack of playing cards, and then said “can we play?”

He wanted me to do my shuffling (mis-spent youth) and then do the road trick, where you flip the cards over whilst they are lying in a line.

I didn’t want to be doing that for the next 5 hours, so I just asked if he wanted to play a game that involved adding up to 21.

Now personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with teaching children how to play pontoon, after all it’s probably the best mental maths workout they’re likely to get, and it’s not like we were playing for pocket-money or anything.

Anyway … HE LOVED IT … especially when he manage to beat his nan every single time. To be honest she was cheating slightly, and twisting when she knew she’d go over 21, but all the same his mental maths had a good old workout.

Does anyone have any other good card games to play with children?

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