Bloody Hormones

I had lovely skin during my teenage years. Then I bowed to pressure after having my “skin mapped” at a beauty counter in a department store to buy this , that and some other rubbish.

The result?

My skin became a disaster zone!

Not that I was unfortunate enough to have completely terrible skin, but bad enough for me to become very self-conscious.

I immediately stopped using the offending products and tried many different over-the-counter products to clear it up.

I think there comes a point when you have used so many treatments, with so many different chemicals in that your skin becomes irritated just by trying a different product, and it is effectively screaming out to you to STOP!

I even went to the doctor.

After categorically refusing the pill (ever wondered why every single girl apart from you has fabulous skin?) I was given tablets and cream. This seemed to do the trick. I used them for a while and then stopped after taking the tablets during a holiday in the Med which resulted in my skin literally starting to photosynthesise! Totally bizarre!

Heading towards my thirties, I discovered a product that miraculously cleared up my skin quickly.  However, I still have problem areas around the jaw line and across my shoulders, which makes me very self-conscious about wearing off-the shoulder, low-cut items of clothing. If I have a nice top I’ll generally throw a t-shirt underneath to cover up.

It isn’t a continuous fight against spots, but outbreaks seem to take ages to go and then I get a week or so before the next round kicks off 😦

When I was pregnant I had the most marvellously glowing skin, it was fabulous.

Once I had SC the same old cycle started all over again.

I know people blame all kinds of things on spots, rich food, chocolate, etc. Mine is definitely hormones. My skin is beautiful for 10 days before a period and then the moment the period us ended – WALLOP!

Bloody hormones! I’m not sure if it’s the effect of too many male or female hormones that causes the problem.

Whatever it is, it’s the bain of my life.

I’ve pretty much tried every solution going – medication, bacials, micro-dermabrasion, but it’s the same old story.

I am currently trying a home remedy that I found whilst surfing the internet, as you do, which involves using surgical alcohol and cleaning your back with that – opening up the pores with hot water (in my case have a shower), then wipe with alcohol again (whilst pores are open) and then closing the pores with cold water.

Weird it may seem, but believe me I’m desperate enough to try anything. I would just like to have clear skin for more than a week at a time, is that too much to ask?

Does anyone else have any weird suggestions for clearing clogged skin? Happy to try out all suggestions and report back!


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2 responses to “Bloody Hormones

  1. healthmateuk

    Hi, thanks for posting… seriously could have written this post myself. However, I have suffered with acne since my teenage years… I have only just realised that mine is hormone related and I am 32! It’s been a nightmare for me over the years as when it is bad, I get very obsessed and depressed about it. the first 3/4 months of my pregnancy, my skin was the worse it has ever been and then boom all of a sudden it cleared up and I didn’t have a spot for months and had lovely glowy skin that I always dreamed off. But now my daughter is nearly 1, and it’s a few months post breatfeeding (periods are now back and regular) my skin is getting bad again and I wanna cry 😦 I don’t want to go back on the pill again (yes that helped my skin) or take antibiotics as soon as you stop the problem returns and don’t want to be on them for the rest of my life… so at the moment I am trying the following – had my faced mapped about 2 weeks ago and as a result have changed my skin care products to Environ. After a couple of days of using my skin came out in loads of cystic (bloody painful) spots – not sure if related to products as period was around that time too… or the products causing purging??… anyway I’m giving environ 4-6 weeks to sort it’s act out as usually it takes that time for your skin to get used to new products. I’ve also started taking 50mg of zinc a day as read reviews that zinc has helped clear many people’s acne and hormonal acne. I feel I need to be cured from the inside and outside. I do use my infrared sauna most days which really helps rid toxins and unclogs pores, heals the scaring and gives me a young healthy glow but of course it won’t stop acne forming. I’m hoping the vitamin supplements will help over time and stop acne at the root and the skin care and infrared sauna will help my appearance from the outside. Will let you know how I get on….

    Why don’t you give zinc a go?



    • Hi Nicola
      Thank you for your comment. It’s nice to know there are other people out there with the same problem.
      I shall definitely have a go with a zinc supplement. I am also investigating homeopathic solutions, and a local beauty salon has just introduced a treatment based on colour light therapy.
      I shall keep you informed of progress.
      Good luck with the Environ and zinc, I hope it works for you.
      All the best.


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